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kill Kill Kill

Choose a Killer Outfit
for the evening,
pour the Kwai Feh...

Hit it with some Ginger Ale
and seal the deal with
a daring dash of vodka

Dance to your victory
with a wedge of lime.
Who’s next?


40ml Kwai Feh
Bitter Lemon
Ice cubes
a Slice of Lemon

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The Kill Bill

Sweet and friendly at first sight,
but don't let these superficial
qualities deceive you.

The Kill Bill lives up to its
infamous name. A taste you will
remember - for a night that
will be hard to forget.
Ready for a walk on the
wild side?

Go to the Chill

The Chill Bill

Soft and fresh.
What you see is what you get.
Fresh, natural lychee,
Bitter lemon, it's the
ultimate sippin' cocktail.

Enjoy slowly.
Beauty is in the mouth of the beholder.
Tonight, I’m in for a Chill, Bill.

Go to the Kill Bill
Chill Chill Chill

Let the Kwai Feh gently
flow into the glass.

Create the perfect balance
with Bitter Lemon.

Now breathe in...
gently add a piece of lemon...
and breathe out.
You're ready.


20ml Kwai Feh
20ml Vodka
Ginger Ale
A wedge of lime
Ice cubes

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